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Let’s Talk about TINDER

Okay. So I come from a very conservative background. If my family or friends find out that I was on Tinder, they’d FREAK

But why was I on Tinder? One might ask. Well, I have been single since I came to Cebu City-that’s 3 years ago. I only know people from work, or with what little network that might offer. But I do not date people from work. I’ve tried it, and I discovered what ‘shitting in my own backyard’ meant. NO MORE OF THAT. 

I will not divulge any names, or things that we did. I’m not gonna talk about the app itself, either. I will be sharing my experiences of having met different people through Tinder.

I am such an introvert; I like doing things on my own, such as watching movies, beach bumming, shopping, dining and the like. I mostly stay at home and pirate movies off Yify and watch the freshly downloaded ones all day long. If there is such a thing as a bed potato, I’d be the epitome of that. I mostly just go to work, movies/errands/house, then work again. That’s how I lived my life.(Now that I’m writing it, it seems so boring, but I actually find enjoyment in my alone time so don’t feel sorry for me).

In a way, the bed potato-ness took it’s toll on me and I actually got bored. I felt lonely that I’m unable to have actual conversations with an actual human being. Also, I wanted to try new things. And with all the overthinking of this problem, 


I mean, it was the most efficient way to broaden one’s network. However, it was tricky for me. I am known to be picky when it comes to men. So, I only swiped right 10 times for 3 straight days constantly on Tinder. But that changed eventually, when I decided to lessen my picky-ness. So I probably get 10-20 matches a day. It amazes me how interesting I can be online (I was actually impressed with myself then). 

Since I was very interesting, these men wanted to meet me in person. Good Lord! I don’t know how I feel about that. A lot of things came into my mind:

  1. I might be too awkward in person that I may not seem as interesting as I was online.
  2. I might turn them off because I’m not exactly tall, I’m very petite. Which makes people doubt my honesty when I tell them my age. My baby face doesn’t help, either.
  3. It might actually be a scam or some weird shit like that, where they’ll rob me or something.
  4. OR—It might just be a pyramiding strategy.

It took me a while to actually meet someone in person. But I have considered a few safety measures:

  • Choose a public and crowded place
  • A place that’s very familiar to you
  • Do not go somewhere else with them
  • Do not jump in a car with them
  • Do not let them know where you live/work (for non-stalking purposes)
  • etc.

The first time I went out with someone, it was a bit awkward. I didn’t know if I was supposed to act a certain way or not. Was there a right way to do these things? And yet again, I am unforgivingly myself. I didn’t care much at all how a stranger thinks about me. So I just went with the flow.

As soon as the adrenaline rush of meeting someone new on Tinder wore off, I constantly agree with people to meet up with. Which became a bit of an issue, as I felt like I was such a player. I was with a different guy each week. Sometimes, 2 different guys each week. I became more comfortable with being more close and personal with these men, so I get more matches and I get more dates. I was on a roll! 

But something happened that I did not expect. I got attached to someone I have met on Tinder. This blew my mind! My Tinder game took me to a whole new level that I did not expect. I mean, this guy is such a gentleman. I didn’t know men like him still exists. He got me like no other. He got me so bad, that I actually got rid of Tinder. I got rid of all the other men who would line up just to meet me. I was actually getting serious with this guy. Things were progressing well. But the more you spend time with someone, the more you get to know them. And rarely, the more you get to know them, the more you wish you didn’t. You can get the guy out of Tinder, but I guess, you can never get Tinder out of the guy…

So much for my Tinder acquisition, and the false hopes it brought. I eventually grew tired of all the dates and random heartbreaks. My inner introvert surfaced like it never had. I got rid of Tinder and FB Messenger. Now I’m back in my own little cave, with all the movies I can watch, books I can read, youtube videos i may or may not finish— life is good.


Searching for My Sanity in Badian

It hasn’t been too long since I set foot at a beach, it was only a month ago. But the hustle and bustle of the city, and the stresses at work really took a toll on me. So, I have decided to go to the beach! Even without transportation, it’s not as hard as you think if you live in Cebu.

I get off work at 4 in the morning, I rushed home as soon as the clock hit 4. I took my bag and my tent and headed to the bus station. 

I chose the non-aircon bus because I wanted to feel the heat of summer. But I didn’t feel that due to the constant wind on my face, which made me sleep on the way. It is the usual Filipino Bus experience where vendors would climb uo and try to sell you things. Newspapers, candy, snacks, and even sunglasses. I enjoyed the view outside my window as soon as we went past the city borders. It’s just too different. It’s very laid back, I noticed. That’s the kind of life I wanted. 

It took me around 3 hours to get to Badian Mercado (Badian Market) where I had asked to be dropped off. When I got there, I went to 7 Eleven Store to buy water and some chips. Then I went to the Mercado to buy myself some lunch. I went to a place what they call a Carenderia-it’s like a restaurant which already has all the food cooked and you just choose whatever you want to eat. It’s more of a street food kind of feel.

The lady was very sweet and wrapped some fish, pinakbet, porkchops and rice for me. On my way out, I saw a lady brushing margarine on a pancake and sprinkled some sugar on top. It looked so tasty so I had to buy it.

I went a couple more steps outside the Mercado and saw the Tricycle station. I was charged Php100 so he can take me to Lambug (the name of the beach). It was too expensive, I thought. I was able to haggle until they offered Php70. But I decided to ride the habal-habal instead. A habal-habal is a motorcycle for hire, so I guess it’s riskier in a way. But cheaper and faster. I only paid Php50 going to Lambug.

It took no more than 15 minutes to get to the beach, and I was in awe. It has been a long time since I’ve been there. 2 years to be exact.

It’s a long and walkable stretch of beach, which has a lot of lodging being offered. But I went where there were no people. I went to the edge of the beach and set up my tent.  

I had asked permission from the lady who was sweeping. I did not intend to spend the night over, and she was very kind and accommodating and let me stay.

I just laid there, dipped in the water, read a book, had my lunch, prayed to God and then I left. 

I whispered to myself: “I needed this.”

For a very long time, I felt like I was stuck in a rat race. Trying to make money, trying to get the promotion and level up, trying to please my boss and my boss’ boss. The list of profane things was endless. I needed somewhere I can be away from the stress of pleasing others, and just pray to God. 

I had realized that I’m looking at life in a very humanly light.

 I was trying to do good at my job too much to please the people I work with. I try to hit these numbers so that others can see what I am capable of. I get too much worry from work that I had to drag myself to it. Then I asked myself, what is it all for? 
At work I was trained to ask the right questions to get the right answers. And I did just that. What was it all for? Why do I do the things that I do? Why do I want to please my boss? Am I trying to win others’ blessings or of God?

After a beautiful dip at the waters of Badian, I realized that I have been looking at life the wrong way. I heard God say “My dear child, you worry too much.” I couldn’t agree more. Would God care if I had a low score during the month but I did my best and did not step on anyone else to get it? I was thinking that the goals I have are goals that were set by my very humanly soul. 

While lying on that beach, staring at the blue skies and green leaves of the tree, I figured that I would do my best at work. But I will not worry of the things out of my control. I would trust God more of where he is taking me, and live a life outside the rat race. 

I was satisfied with my stay. I packed up my things and left. I got back to my house with a new set of eyes and heart. I saw that everything was exactly the same, but different. I took a shower, thanked God for this day and turned my laptop oo and called it a day. I was renewed.

Here’s how I got to Badian:

  • Go to the South bus Terminal
  • Rode a bus that says “Bato via Barili” (Php116)
  • Asked to be dropped off in Badian Mercado
  • Rode a habal-habal to Lambug (Php50)
  • Went back to Cebu City the same way backwards

A Taste of Vietnam in Puerto Princesa

I got to Puerto Princesa without really expecting anything. Just a regular City in one of the many islands of the Philippines. I just thought it would offer me the usual scrumptious Filipino food, usual Philippine City feels, and yet again I was proven wrong.

Since I am a Filipina residing in one of the big cities of the Philippines, I sometimes forget to realize that my country has so much to offer. I reside in Cebu City – meaning, I am so much used to having a good balance between the hustle and bustle of the city, sand on my hair at the breach, and fresh air at one of the mountains. I need not to travel far for me to indulge myself in whatever adventure I had in mind.

Five minutes into driving to our hotel in Puerto Princes, I wished that I had resided there. It seemed to be so peaceful. It was already around 10 PM that we got to the hotel and I noticed that there are not a lot of establishments still open at that time. We asked the front desk what restaurants are still open because we are starving. We were told to go to Bona’s Chaolong, which was a 5 minute walk from our hotel. And so we did.

I was told that it was a Vietnamese restaurant. Now, I have been to restaurants that are Asian inspired, and these restaurants usually have a luxurious look to them, only because they would decorate the place to make it look and feel like you are in a different country depending on which Cuisine they serve. But when I got there, I saw a typical Filipino Carenderia.

There I saw a lot of people. I did not even know where we could get a table because it seemed full. I walked in the open air restaurant and looked at their menu and it put a smile on my face. They have a great variety of dishes and they are very cheap! I did not know what to order so I asked the cashier lady what their best seller was and that is what I got.


Bona’s Chaolong

I was very hungry so I was not able to get a lot of pictures. We got a bowl of Pork Broth Noodles, a bowl of Beef Broth Noodles and a Toasted Baguette with Garlic. Oh and water, too. This entire order fed 3 of us hungry people and it only cost us less than Php 300! Talk about cheap! I was not very worried if it tasted great, because looking at the crowded place, it proved that they have good food.

I had no idea what to do with the mint leaves, calamansi, and bean sprouts given to us on the side so I guessed it is to add to the soup. But before I went ahead and do just that I had to taste it.

YUM! This is my kinda dish! Cheap and delicious!

It was great. So I slurped down the broth, took a bite of the tender pork, chowed down on the perfect noodles. My soul was satisfied.

As I was eating this huge bowl of noodles, I could not help but wonder why it did not seem so Filipino tasting. And there I heard the story. Puerto Princes is heavily influenced with Vietnamese cuisine, which started during the World War 2 when Vietnamese people resided there. They make the noodles just a couple minutes away from the restaurant, and I was there at 10 PM and the noodles indeed tasted FRESH.

I was glad I came to this restaurant and not other fancy looking restaurant. A bowl of Chaolong is indeed the best way for Puerto Princesa to welcome you to their beautiful City.

A night’s stay in Peurto Princesa’s garden-themed Bed and Breakfast

I did not really do my research before I booked a flight to Palawan. All I knew was I wanted to go somewhere far where no one knows me.

I got there at 9:00 at night and the travel agency picked me up at the airport and dropped me off at Balai Hardin. A garden-themed hotel, which will make you remember Puerto Princesa by. 

It’s the kind of place where you gotta take your shoes/slippers off to get to your room. How awesome is that?!

Upon arriving, they will give you a complimentary iced tea, which you can enjoy in their garden. It’s open air so ypu gotta make sure you have mosquito repellent.

Their rooms are also named after a plant. As for me, I stayed in the Lavander Room.

I was pretty hungry when I got there, luckily the hotel was just very near Bona’s Chaolong, which deserves its own blog post. It was a walking distance in a safe road. It was 10pm and it seemed like evryone was at home sleeping as there were not a lot of vehicles and people on the road.

I got back to the hotel after a hearty meal. I noticed that they give complimentary apple tea. I had asked fot hot water to try it. I do love apples. They’re good in pies, candies, and surprisingly in tea as well.

I slept the night away, as the inn was very quiet. There did not seem like a lot of people who checked in, and it’s just the way I like it.

Balai Hardin also has a board game station. It took my mind off things as I wait for the van to pick me up. Check out their big ass cards, and their traditional Sungka game.

It’s just what I did until the van picked me up to take me to El Nido. Check out was pretty fast, too. Everything was taken cared for, the perfect way to start a vacation.

Check them out on facebook:

or TripAdvisor:

The Outlets

I was in paradise, and hell at the same time. I couldn’t decide which.

Now, I’ve never been to Lapu-Lapu City, but I’ve heard about The Outlets. I’ve always thought that it’s the same as ‘The Outlet Store’ in The Hangar in Cebu City. But nope! 

I’ve never been to these types of stores, except probably for Surplus Shop. We went to the first store, which didn’t really excite me at all. I was familiar with the brands, and these were the brands that I don’t usually buy because I think they’re too pricey for what I would want to spend my money on. BUT, I saw how much they cost and these things are legit! And by legit, I mean I really want to buy them and I want to spend money on them because they’re affordable. I never knew that these top brands can be affordable! I wish someone had told me exactly how low the prices were. 

So there I was, browsing one store to another, and wanting to buy every little thing I set my hands on. Sadly, I couldn’t do that 😒 

You see, we went there 2 days right before my paycheck comes in 😣😤 BUMMER. And Lapu-Lapu isn’t a place that I normally go to. I don’t know my way around Cebu that much, and I don’t exactly speak Bisaya that well, especially under pressure. I wouldn’t want to risk being lost and just end up taking a cab, which will cost me a helluva lot of money.

The Outlets is located in a very pleasant place for shopping, dining, and just to walk around, or in bisaya suroy-suroy. If you are into all those things but wouldn’t want to go to a mall, then this is the place to be.

Being Single

In my high school and college days I always venture into romantic relationships, one after the other. I thought, hey it’s part of life that we fall in love and fall out of love. But right after I graduated college, I was single. And about 2 years later, I’m still single.

Now, what I love about being single is that I only look out for me. I don’t have to bother about someone else’s schedule, not worrying about why we’re not spending time together, and most of all, why is he not texting back?! Lol.

This is the longest time I have been single ever since I had my first boyfriend. I start to become anxious. What if I end up alone? What if I become a spinster? What if there really isn’t anyone out there for me? These thoughts bother me the most.

But I have decided to

Let go. Let GOD

And at the very moment that I did, I learned new things about myself. I get to meet new people and make new friends. I get to see more of the world. I get to do whatever I want because it’s only my schedule that I worry about. And even in lonesomeness, I find beauty.

But of course, I still think of these crazy thoughts of being alone. Not that I gave up on having a life partner someday, no way. I still want to have my own family someday. But that’s the tricky part of letting go and letting God. You need trust God. But with God, it is a different kind of trust. A trust so big, you can close your eyes while crossing traffic and end up in the other side of the road unharmed. It is just that easy. Because whatever you need will come to you in God’s perfect time. So why worry?

Joed’s Lutong Hapon

When we talk about Japanese food at its finest, we always think that it’s a bit pricey for a really good Jap meal. But it changed my thinking when I went to Joed’s Lutong Hapon.
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